Who We Are

Integro Associates Global Inc. (iAGi - Canada), established in 2016, an experienced specialist, in developing custom Information Technology products, software solutions, and offer wide range of technology-driven services to manufacturing, real estate, construction, buildings & facilities management, government, crown-corporations, public & private sectors, start-ups, enterprises, non-profits and fortune 500 companies through it's marketplace - The Technology Hub. iAGi is a conglomerate proudly owning the 'Marketplace-for-Services & Products', where companies from multi domains / industries - integrate, innovatively and intelligently engage across a magnitude of services via a Master Services Catalogue + Smart Ecosystem.

Our disruptive, ease-of-use and diverse marketplace ecosystem aligns with global services industries, their trends, ever changing requirements, offering our consumers a "One-Stop-Shop destination" for all technical, operational, business or technology solutions.

Our global partnerships in the ecosystem provide our customers: value-added enterprise technology products, solutions, services, support, maintenance and talent to multiple domains with key focus to On-Time, Quality and On-Cost delivery excellence.

Your products / services...Our Sales...We jointly deliver...!